The bra is for women with medium, large breasts, who value elegance and comfort of use in an interesting, coral color. BOWLS - made of double-folded tulle, which has stabilizing properties and adjusts to the figure, giving the breasts a perfect shape. On the upper, upper part, there is a beautiful embroidery that adds elegance and lightness. In the middle, between the cups, there is also an embroidery, and the decoration is a tiny bow with a tag. SIDES - made of high-grammage Lycra, which ensures very good support. WIRE - the cups are profiled with wire surrounding the breasts, which makes the breasts perfectly gathered inside, lifted and maintains a beautiful, rounded shape, and the center of the bra fits tightly to the breastbone WHEELS - flat underwires are used on the sides, the bra fits perfectly to the body. with 3-step circuit adjustments. Composition: 90% polyamide, 7% elastane, 3% polyester